Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Show of Hands @ Whatcom Museum

Empty Hand
I'm very excited to be included in "Show of Hands" at the Whatcom Museum, curated by Barbara Matilski.  Come by if you're in town.  I might make it to the opening, I will update this post if I decide to/can go.  It's a wonderful line up of artists, a must see for sure. **Edit** Sadly I can't make it to the opening/preview night. 

Show of Hands: Northwest Women Artists 1880-2010
April 24 - August 8, 2010
Preview Night: Friday April 23rd, 5pm-8pm

Show of Hands Takes In-depth Look at Northwest Women Artists
Exhibition coincides with centennial of women’s suffrage in Washington State

Featuring more than 90 works of art by 63 women artists from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Show of Hands opens April 24 at the Whatcom Museum‟s Lightcatcher building. Celebrating women‟s contributions to the legacy of Northwest art, this unprecedented gathering of women artists examines the myriad talents women of the Northwest have displayed in all media since 1880.

Some of the artist shown include:
Mary Henry
Imogen Cunningham
Margie Livingston
Victoria Haven
Fay Jones
Claire Cowe
Marie Watt (one of my favoritest artist of all time.  OK favoritest isn't a word, but for this kind of love I need to invent something! Here's her on Flickr y'all: http://www.flickr.com/photos/marie-watt-studio/)
Sheila Klein
and so many more I'd be doing this all day! 

On a side note:
For all you freaks, geeks and steampunks check out the American Museum of Radio and Electricity, also in Bellingham.  And while your at it, go grab a ball of yarn at Spincycle Yarns, my favorite woolly indulgence!

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