Friday, April 23, 2010

New Works Available

New Works Available
I have some new works available on my website.  Click on picture above for the link.
Shadow 2010
Porcelain cup, organza & thread
14¼"H x 5"W x 2¼"D

Grasp 2010
Porcelain plate, organza & thread
18"H x 6"W x ¾"D

Legacy 2010
Porcelain plate, organza & thread
14"H x 6"W x ¾"D

Cheongsam 2010
Porcelain plate, organza, cotton thread & thread
6 ½"H x 6½"W x ¾"D 

Red Slippers
Ruby Slippers 2010
Porcelain teacup, organza, cotton fabric & thread
3"H x 3"W x 2"D


doro said...

It's very elegant and modern! I like it! greetings

Unknown said...

Saw some of these in the latest Frankie magazine, congratulations!

annamaria potamiti said...

Found you through Flickr- our work is in the same mosaic-love your work!
Annamaria :)

Diem Chau said...

Thank you Doro and Le Pearl! I'll have to go check out Frakie, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for finding me Annamaria :)

sandra leung said...

I love your work! It has the essence of chinese women in the past!