Thursday, April 22, 2010

Booker The Bestest Crayon Of All!

Booker Crayon!
I recently finished a very special commission for Booker, a sweet little Italian Greyhound.  This dog melts my heart, easy to do it's made of butter :P.  I first saw Booker last year on Flickr (warning, photo is not for slight of heart):
Booker was on his last day of life before being rescued. Now he lives a happy and full life with his family, gumming everything in sight! You can see more of Booker on his website:

100% of the commission fee went to Paws and Hope for Paws.  If you're looking for a pet PLEASE ADOPT one from your local shelter or rescue.  They're often the most grateful and loving animals.  Some might need work, but you'll be thankful in the end.  My favorite place to look is Petfinder.  That's how I found Guy, the love of my life!

the gorgeous smile!

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doro said...

Absolutely incredible!! It's The Art!