Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dorries Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea Peek
A sneak peek at 3 dolls I will have in the "Lost At Sea" exhibition next month at Gallery Hanahou.  This is the evolution of my prototype doll, they've sprouted hair, scales and tentacles!  I'm still working on some final details.  I might also make them a presentation box, but I really don't want to go overboard on this project (no pun intended *snort*).

Test Faces
Here are a few eyes and mouth samples I painted last night.  Thanks to TADA's vote on painting the faces on vs. embroidering it.  I really love how crisp the painted shapes looks and I also have so much more control.  In terms of play value paint can withstand more than stitches can.


Knit - R - Done said...

Your dolls are beautiful and dreamy!

TADA's Revolution said...

I like the eyes!! Linen might be hard to paint on because it is coarsely weaved. I made these dolls with painted faces a long time ago. I used regular cotton and acrylic paint (liqutex soft body):

I love the skulls too.

Diem Chau said...

Thanks KnitRDone :)

Thanks TADA! I used a finer linen... the weave is pretty tight. Did you use a color pencil to sketch out the face first? I'm trying with fabric pencils... I think you can iron it out??

Love this guy:

TADA's Revolution said...

Hi Diem! I do a rough sketch on the fabric with pencil, not color pencil. I use either H or F in hardness. I use opaque paints so they cover up the pencil marks.

I've only made a few things with linen and I thought they were hard to sew with.