Monday, March 30, 2009

Sugar's People

Sugar's People
A recent commission. Lovin' the tongue! Click on photo to view large.

Sugar's People

Sugar's People

Sugar's People

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chè đậu trắng

Chè đậu trắng (White Bean Dessert)
One of my favorite desserts... well actually ALL desserts are my favorite desserts! This is a very simple dish that can be made in a single pot. I'm kind of lazy at writing down recipes and I'm horrible at following them as well. I tend to "eye" things and use finger measurements. I think it's my mom's doing. I remember when she taught me how to cook rice she said "put rice in the pot til it reaches your first knuckle and pour water in until it reaches your second." I recently lost the plastic cup that goes with my rice cooker and I've been following my mom's instructions... seems to be working fine.

There are different preferences to this dessert... wet or dry. It should be the consistency of a porridge or stiff oatmeal. I like it stiff so if you like it runny add more water to my recipe. The ONLY ingredients are: sticky (sweet) rice, black-eyed peas, sugar and coconut milk (thick white kind).

Che Dau Trang
1/2 cup of Black eyed peas (soak overnight)
1 cup of Sticky (Sweet) rice
1 can of Coconut milk
1/2 cup of sugar
4 cups of water (feel free to add more)

Wash rice, mix beans, rice, sugar and water together and cook on stovetop. Bring to boil then turn down to medium heat. Just watch the pot and make sure it doesn't burn, add water if necessary. It's done when it's consistency of porridge or oatmeal... you can also take a nibble to see if the rice and beans are soft. You can also add sugar if it's not sweet enough or add water if it's too stiff.

Serve warm or chilled in a bowl, topped with coconut milk. Nom Nom!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Short Stories: 5th Floor Gallery LA

I will be in a show with Wendy Given at the 5th Floor Gallery in LA. Unfortunately I will not make it to the opening, but Wendy will be there! I have a few embroidered pieces as well as new crayons in the show. Please stop by if you happen to be in LA.

Short Stories: March 21st - April 18th
Fifth Floor Gallery
502 Chung King Court
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Opening reception: Saturday, March 21st, 6-9pm

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fines Refined: Museum of Northwest Art

Sorry for such a last minute post... but I'll be in a group show opening this Saturday at the Museum of Northwest Art!
My Mother's

There are some fantastic artist in this show like:
Scott Fife: He makes giant busts made of cardboard, wood glue and screws! They have wonderful form and show a great deal of craftsmanship, yet the artist is able to keep a sense of raw energy in the work.
Whiting Tennis: the gallery's images really don't do the work justice... there is so much detail in real life. I had a chance to see Whiting at work years ago... the process is genius! I think that's when i really fell in love with his work.

If you're in WA come on by. I'll be at the opening!

March 14, 2009 - June 14, 2009
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 14, 2-5
Hours and directions here:

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Michelle Allard, Ross Palmer Beecher, Francesca Berrini, Gretchen Bennett, James Castle, Diem Chau, Marc Dombrosky, Scott Fife, Kathryn Glowen, Patrick LoCicero, Allen Moe, Jason Mouer, Jane Richlovsky, Whiting Tennis, and Robert Yoder

Finds Refined is a group show featuring artists who use found matter in their work as intrinsic elements, whether for aesthetic qualities or to incorporate the history or past life of the material as part of the conception of the work. In some cases, found materials will be only a part of the work, mixed in with more traditional mediums; in many instances, the found elements will not immediately reveal themselves in the art on view.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Food For Thought: March 2009

Still available, I'll put a notice here when the piece has been sold.
I'm starting a side project, called "Food For Thought". In this economy many our communities are in dire need of help. I've been milling on this idea since the beginning of the year. I'm very lucky to be able to live the way I do, I can pay my bills and eat out occasionally. I usually don't have to think about food costs. I know many of us aren't as fortunate and that number will grow in months ahead. Food is a basic need and I'd like to help fulfill that need.

Once a month I will sell a piece of art through my emailing list/blog and 100% of the sale will go towards Northwest Harvest. I will ship internationally as well, you can contact me for a shipping quote. I just started doing this so I'm sure there will be a few kinks to iron out. The entire process will be documented on my blog.

Last month's donation came from author Kenneth Saltman. THANK YOU Kenneth for your generosity! Good luck on your upcoming book "The Gift of Education". I don't have an end date in mind for this project... I will keep doing this as long as the work keep selling.

The piece for sale in March is:
"Parka Boy"
Crayola crayon on wooden base
Feel free to email me:

I've chosen NW Harvest because 93% of their total operating budget goes directly toward food distribution, with 79% in purchased or donated food. I believe they are an honest and efficient organization. They have a true sense of what their mission is.


High Touch Visuals
Editors: R. Klanten, S. Ehmann, M. Huebner
ISBN: 978-3-89955-232-4

The borders between graphic design, illustration, art, interior design, architecture and craftsmanship are becoming increasingly blurred. More than ever before, graphic design is being used as the underlying medium together with multiple practices to manifest creative visions. Following in the footsteps of Hidden Track (2005) and Tactile (2007), Tangible presents further developments from the work of young designers and artists who are experimenting with this multidisciplinary approach and creating outstanding original “tangible” designs.

These designers from different disciplines are choosing to no longer work exclusively in two dimensions, instead dealing intensively with space, materials and physical products. Each chapter in the book features different trends and styles demonstrating various approaches and solutions to this new area of graphic design. Graphics morph into spatial sculptures, the intangible is made visual through handmade craftsmanship, physical experiences, visual environments and staged spatial installations such as art installations, interiors and architecture as well as urban interventions.

The striking visual work in Tangible indicates the rise of graphic-inspired interior designs as artists, graphic designers, typographers and illustrators transform their ideas into shops, restaurants, hotels and fair stand designs.

I'm very excited to by a part of this book! My work is featured on pages 53 and 135. A few of my favorite artists are in it as well like Peter Callesen and Joshua Allen Harris. After thumbing through this book I've certainly found MANY new faves! Well worth the price, you can find it on Amazon too.

Pg. 53, upper right corner
"What I've Been Told" (collection of Deborah Paine)

Pg. 135, lower right corner
"Girl and Boy"
"Yellow Girl"

I LOVE this work!
Levi Van Veluw

Sagmeister INC.

"Obsessions make my life worse and my work better."
Sept 13, 2008 Sagmeister Inc. installed 250,000 Euro cents on Waagdragerhof Square in Amsterdam.
8 days 100+ volunteers

Sadly 20 hours after the installation was completed and the coins were left unattended someone came along and stared scooping them up. A concerned resident called the police. They stopped the "criminal" but then decided to "preserve" the artwork by sweeping up all the remaining coins and carted it away.