Thursday, October 28, 2010

Juxtapoz Handmade

Juxtapoz: Handmade
I just got this lovely book in the mail!  Juxtapose Handmade is published by Ginko Press and features artwork from 24 artist who's work crosses the boundary between craft, design and contemporary art.  I'm honored to be among so many great names.  This is a beautiful book, definitely worth looking through.  Go check it out at your local bookstore!  Retails for $29.95, hardback, 208 pages, full color.

My pages
My pages
I'm blown away at the quality in this book, both printing/binding and the artwork inside!  Each artist has a good set of images and a short bio.  Thank you for including me in this project Saelee, Ana and everyone at Ginko & Juxtapoz!

Ana Serrano
Ana Serranao

Frank Kozik
A. J. Fosik

Orly Cogan

Gregory Euclide

Saelee Oh
Saelee Oh

There are so many good artists in this book I can't blog it all!  Seriously folks. 
A. J. Fosik
Ann Wood
Ana Serranao
Brendan Monroe
Caroline Hwang
Christl Hansman
Christopher Bettig
Clare Crespo
Cody Husdson
Connie Wong
Diem Chau
Gregory Euclide
Jennifer Muskopf
Jenny Ryan
Jim Houser
Megan Whitmarsh
Nicole Gastonguay
Orly Cogan
Peter Callesen
Saelee Oh
Sara Escamilla
Sarah Neuburger
Souther Salazar
Stephanie Anderson

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Studio?

We might be moving to a new house.  There's a 20'x20' garage in the back (pictured above) that we will convert into a studio if we get the house.  This is a BIG DEAL for me and I feel it will be world changing for my work as well.  Fingers crossed and of course I'll give you guys the blow by blow during the construction/remodeling process.
I'd like to thank a very special friend for helping us make this happen.  Without you this would not be possible! THANK YOU!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Double Rainbow All The Way!

double cloversWell, not exactly double rainbows, but I found two 4-leaf clovers.  No... I didn't go into hysteria I was just REALLY HAPPY!  Funny how such a small thing can make your day brighter.  I'm not a superstitious person... but we could really use the luck right now.  Do you hear that universe?!

May I Haz Luck?
To be honest finding this clover was a cheat.  I was looking for it and it was near where I found my last 4-leaf clover.  I picked this one and left the other one for someone else to find.

Flaming Trees
It's a beautiful fall day in Seattle.  The weather is just how I like it, cool and overcast.  These are my favorite row of trees by my house.  I'd love to walk through a whole forest of them or just lay among them and look up.

Fall Colors
My beater shoes with fall leaves.  I bought these about 5 or 6 years ago at Payless (El'Cheap-O store) and they've been the most comfortable pair of shoes ever!  I wear them almost everyday and they've outlasted 2 pairs of Camper shoes. 

A summery of the day's walk... 4-leaf clover, fall leaves and a black walnut that fell next to me from a giant tree.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Strange & Beautiful World of Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

Thank you Kamala!
I got this painting from my friend Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley.  We're both big gardening geeks and dog fanatics.  I have a small collection of "Guy" art and have always wanted a piece from Kamala.  Her pet portraits are AMAZING, every time I see a finished commission I want one even more!  She surprised me with this awesome gift.  THANK YOU KAMALA!  It's a silhouette of Guy among Hosta plants and an army of slugs. 

25/52 Howdee!
She really captured the essence of his ear hairs :P  Can't get enough of this pup?  More here.

King and Julia
You can contact Kamala for your very own pet portrait or visit her Etsy Shot for some beautiful affordable prints.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Many Kudos W+K in Communication Arts Annual 51

Communication Arts Annual 51
This is the week for congratulations.  The Nike project I did for Wieden + Kennedy has been featured in the current Communication Arts Annual!  Great job guys and I can't thank you enough for taking a leap with my work. 

Communication Arts Annual 51
The project information is listed on page 112.  Once again congrats to Matt, Brad, Kelly & Krystle and also to Denise and Shari.

Communication Arts Annual 51
Images of the press kits are featured on page 113. 
Thanks for the scans Luca, much appreciated :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congrats Aimee & Thank You!

A friend I met on Flickr, Aimee Ray, just released a new embroidery pattern book!  I just got my copy today and it looks great.  The projects are very cute and simple enough to do with the young-uns.  Retail price is only $14.95, way better than a movie and popcorn in my opinion :P  Go check it out.  You can also find it on Amazon.

I'm so going to make this one.

Thank you for the mention Aimee, I'm honored!  For you visual people who aren't on Flickr I highly recommend it.  I've met many wonderful friends and artists there, both locally and from far away.  It's more than just a way to share photographs; it's how we keep in touch, exchange ideas and give feedback... but we mostly enjoy making snarky remarks and being juvenile.  It's a good place to find like minded people.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Harvest of 2010

My Last Harvest
My last harvest this year.  Our nights are getting chillier and days getting shorter.  So long summertime, I'll see you again next year.  With a heavy heart I pulled up all of my tomato, zucchini and cucumber plants.  It was hard picking the tomatoes before they have a chance to ripen, but I wanted to experiment with a winter crop this year.  Most of my plants were getting moldy as well, it's just time for a clean up.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all this tomato!  I pickled some of the green ones and gave some away.  I still have 2 full bags in the fridge.
The summer has been wonderful, besides for a few supplemental veggies we haven't had to buy produce since late June.  We're not huge salad eater mind you, we still have to buy fruit.  I wish I had enough land for an orchard (and some llamas, goats & chickens)!  LOL

All Done! Garden in Oct
I cleared the beds, tilled the soil and added some some bone meal and fertilizer to the mix.  Not too much just enough to replenish the soil after a summer's worth of growth.  I've never overwintered plants before and I'm not sure if I'm starting too late in the year.  We still have a few warm days left, I hope this is enough to germinate the seeds I've planted.  I'll need to make some kind of frost protection, maybe plastic sheets over the hoops?

Sad Chard and OnionI spaced out my chard and onion in the small bed, they were being crowded by my tomatoes during the summer. Hopefully they'll survive the transplant and last me a few more months.  I've heard that chard is a hardy plant and do well in cool/cold weather.

One More Round
All of the local nurseries and garden centers have cleared out their stock of edibles.  Besides for herbs like rosemary and sage I couldn't find much so I had to resort to seeds.  I think next year I'll start some seedlings in September for my winter crop.  I chose broccoli and cabbage, they're hardy plants. 

Something to look forward to.
While I was at it I bought some tulip and allium bulbs too.  They give me something to look forward to come springtime.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gravity With John Hudak

Gravity Cover Art
I forgot how I became acquainted with John Hudak's work. But I was instantly captivated by his sound compositions.  A few months ago John contacted me and said he was experimenting with sound clips from other artists and reinterpreting them.  I was intrigued an offered a clip from my grandmother's morning chant.  John's composition of the clip is called Gravity and it's a part of his newest release!  John also asked me to design the cover art.  This was a very enlightening process, thanks for including me!
You can listen to samples and download the album here:

"I've eaten more salt than you have of rice" 2002
 You'll hear the chant in it's original form at the beginning of this video.  This short documentary is about a day spent with Ah-ma (grandmother in Cantonese).  I spent every single weekend and summer with her when I was younger.  Everyone else went to camp or hung out with friends.  I had Ah-ma... and I'm glad I did.  We would spend our days watching corny Chinese soap operas and making food.  She talked about her past and I kept her company.  It's been very hard watching her age.  Even at 83 she's a social bird and very active, but her body had definitely slowed down.

John asked me for something that I felt connected with and I immediately thought of this chant.  My grandmother adapted this morning ritual after having survived cancer.  She wanted a way to give thanks for the day.  I made this during college and this was a learning piece... I have to apologize for the shaky camera work!

There's a Chinese saying, "I've eaten more salt than you have of rice".  My grandmother said that to me so many times.  Basically it infers her age, wisdom and experience.  Because rice is the foundation of most meals you eat a huge sum of it... while only a little bit of salt is eaten.  Therefore if someone has eaten more salt than you have of rice, they've been around a great deal longer than you have.

The Start
The cover art is inspired by the faces of Buddha statues.  I wanted a meditative image.  I started with a sketch on velum then I transferred the drawing onto a piece of Soft-Kut.  Soft-Kut is like silly putty, just press it against any graphite drawing and the image will transfer.  Then I started carving in a spiral motion to create a radiating effect.

You can see the carved marks here.

Print tests
Some test prints.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peel Gallery, Houston

"Float" 2010
Organza, thread & porcelain plate

I have a show opening this Friday in Houston at The Peel Gallery!  I will have quite a few new pieces as well as a collaboration piece with designer Joey Roth.  Sadly I won't be able to make it to the opening this time.  Please come by if you're in town.

Walk The Line & Sounds Like
October 15th - November 16th
Opening Reception: Friday, October 15th, 6:30-9pm

Peel Gallery
411 Montrose Blvd
Houston, TX 77006

"Hands" 2010
Graphite on ceramic speakers
By Diem Chau & Joey Roth

Designer Joey Roth invited me to participate in his second series of the Sounds Like project.  Joey released his amazing ceramic speakers earlier this year and wanted to see how other artists and musicians would interpret his work.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bemis Center Auction

Bemis Center Auction
I've donated a piece to this year's Bemis Art Auction.  The auction exhibit has already started, but the auction itself isn't until Nov. 6th.  The Bemis Center has been a great resource for artists locally and nationally.  If you can't make it to the auction they will also have live online bidding.   There's more information in the link above.

The 12th Annual Art Auction and the accompanying six week exhibition is the Bemis Center's largest annual fund-raising event. The art auction features over 200 local, national and international artists and spans 4 galleries and over 10,000 square feet of gallery space. The event is a kaleidoscopic survey of contemporary art, drawing over 600 people to the auction event and is truly the most anticipated art event of the season.  If you would like more information about the Bemis Center's 12th Annual Art Auction, please call 402.341.7130 or email

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts
724 S. 12th St., Omaha, Nebraska 
Auction Exhibition: October 8th - November 6th, 2010
Auction:  Saturday, November 6th

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Yogurt Sauce - A Healthy Dressing

Yogurt Sauce Ingredients
Yogurt sauce is a light and healthy alternative to Ranch dressing.  It still has that tangy cool flavoring without all the fat and calories.  I feel it's like a Mediterranean BBQ sauce in that there's so many ways to make it.  Every family has their own recipe and special ingredients.  I learned this while helping my Turkish friend prepare dinner.  Thanks Mehmet!

There are many variations to this sauce, but this is the one I've grown to like.
1 pint of plain yogurt
6 or 7 large cloves of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
2 tablespoon of dill (fresh is best but dried will do)
1 teaspoon of salt

Garlic SMASH!
I've found the best way to peel garlic is to SMASH it with the flat side of your knife.  Place the knife's flat side over a clove of garlic and firmly press down.  Make sure you have a secure hold of the handle when doing this.  After the clove has been smashed, actually crushed is a better term... the peel will simply fall off.  No fuss no muss.  I believe this is a popular Chinese/Asian method, I saw my mom and grandma doing it growing up.  Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook is a great advocate of this method as well :P

I've seen those garlic peelers in the supermarket, but I've never tried them.  I don't like to clutter my kitchen with gadgets that only have a singular purpose.  Pretty soon you're swimming in silicone knick-knack and can't find your peeler.

Yogurt Sauce Ingredients
Place yogurt, garlic, dill & salt in mixing bowl and mix!  I would recommend using good quality, thick yogurt.  A pint of this mix will last us about a week.  It's great in any garden salad or spooned over chicken or salmon.  You can also use it as a dipping sauce for veggie sticks.  It will stay good for the duration of the yogurt's date.  If it gets watery because the yogurt has settled, simply pour out the water and give it a good mix.

Yogurt Sauce -Mixed
The yogurt sauce all mixed up.  I usually pour it back into it's original container for refrigeration/storage.

Banh Mi with side salad
A typical lunch... Banh mi sandwich with greek salad & yogurt sauce.  The salad has cucumber and tomatoes from the garden as well as avocado and olives from the store.  The banh mi is from my favorite Vietnamese deli in Seattle called Seattle Deli.  I burned the sandwich because I was too busy taking picture for this blog to pay attention to the toaster oven!  Oops.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

TUSH Winter 2010


The people at TUSH Magazine, German fashion/trend/culture/art magazine, did a little feature on my crayons in their Winter/2010 issue!  This was fun to flip through... I felt it had a harder edge than the typical fashion mag. Thank you for sending me a copy and also a big thanks to Hella!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

September Garden Update -belated

The Yard Oct 1st 2010
The garden is winding down and fall is approaching.  It's been a lack-luster year due to our cooler than average spring.  Our mild winter has also produced an abundance of pests like slugs, snails and aphids... Literally every broad leafed plant I have is holey, it's been frustrating to say the least.
*The "W" was a little experiment I did for Wrigley's gum... the project fell through but I have another idea hatching!  It's made with gum.

The Garden Oct 1st
My biggest success was the zucchini and cucumber plants!  I've been getting 2-3 large zuchs and cukes a week.  I planted 3 zucchini plants and 4 cucumber plants.  The cucumber surprised me the most and I've been enjoying Greek salads for 2 months now.  I'm not remotely sick of eating cucumbers yet and will miss them come winter.  The Burpee's Supreme is definitely welcome in the garden next year.

What you see in the picture above is my 2nd round of planting for the year.  I started with spinach, lettuce, peas, radishes, peppers (BIG FAIL), chard & tomatoes (which is just ripening).  The 2nd round consisted of zucchini, cucumber, onion more chard and long beans... also various herbs in gallon containers.  I'm toying around with a 3rd round of planting for winter harvest?  Maybe garlic, cabbage, kale and more chard???  It's supposed to be a very severe winter and I've never overwinter crop plants before.  If I am to do it I'd need to start now and pull out the plants that are slowing production.  I still have to wait for the tomatoes to ripen... but the zucchinis are starting to mildew and they've stopped producing...  So many decisions and so much to experiment with.  I'm learning as I go!

Some of the Last
My latest haul... I'm getting less cucumbers and zucchinis but more tomatoes.  There's also a handful of basil, Vietnamese cilantro (rau răm) and shiso (thanks to Vic ^_^).  This is a weekly harvest with tomatoes coming in between.

Tomatoes Rippening
The Tomato Jungle:
My tomatoes are finally ripening.  I pruned away the lower leaves so I can actually see where the tomatoes are.  Seeing this makes me happy!

Shiso from Vic!
A good friend of mine gave me a few shiso plants this year.  It was my first time planting and eating it.  It has a very distinct spicy/pungent flavor.  It's hard to describe, but GREAT grilled with meats.  I pickled these leaves and ate them wrapped around rice (much like how you would use grape leaves).  I've had the Vietnamese variety before, which is purplish and much spicier.  My parents used to make Nem Nướng, only they would wrap these leaves around the meat before grilling.  The result is a nice infused flavor.
*Thank you Food for For for the amazing recipe!  A bit THANKS to Vic for the plants and pickling spices.

Vietnamese Cilantro Rau Ram
Rau Răm is another one of my favorite herbs.  We used to eat these with baby duck eggs (Hột vịt lộn - Warning the link is pretty graphic!)  You eat the eggs with a handful of these leaves and salt & peper for flavoring.  I've always been squeamish about eating a little duck fetuses... so I would just have it with a hard boiled egg instead.  It was a wonderful peppery taste and provides a nice kick.  I would recommend eating it raw.  The effects aren't there when cooked.

It's not all fun and games.  Here are a few FAILS from the garden:
Onion FAIL
Green onion FAIL!
The tomatoes overshadowed these poor guys and I have a pile of limp greens.  But the good news is the slugs and snails left them alone! :P

Malabar Spinach FAIL
Malabar Spinach FAIL!
I started these from seed late in the season and they never took off... they were also heavily targeted by the slugs.  I was supposed to have a vast jungle of them by now, being that they are vigorous growers.  But alas this tender trailing vine is the only thing I have.  Maybe I can bring this one indoors over the winter and have a head start next year.
For those unfamiliar with Malabar Spinach it's like eating okra, very slimy with an abundance of mucus.

I think he's dying...
Maple Tree FAIL!
I think I killed him by digging around and disturbing his roots.  I had to clear off some bamboo runners and I transplanted another tree next to him.  I'll do a severe pruning and hope he comes back next year.