Thursday, October 28, 2010

Juxtapoz Handmade

Juxtapoz: Handmade
I just got this lovely book in the mail!  Juxtapose Handmade is published by Ginko Press and features artwork from 24 artist who's work crosses the boundary between craft, design and contemporary art.  I'm honored to be among so many great names.  This is a beautiful book, definitely worth looking through.  Go check it out at your local bookstore!  Retails for $29.95, hardback, 208 pages, full color.

My pages
My pages
I'm blown away at the quality in this book, both printing/binding and the artwork inside!  Each artist has a good set of images and a short bio.  Thank you for including me in this project Saelee, Ana and everyone at Ginko & Juxtapoz!

Ana Serrano
Ana Serranao

Frank Kozik
A. J. Fosik

Orly Cogan

Gregory Euclide

Saelee Oh
Saelee Oh

There are so many good artists in this book I can't blog it all!  Seriously folks. 
A. J. Fosik
Ann Wood
Ana Serranao
Brendan Monroe
Caroline Hwang
Christl Hansman
Christopher Bettig
Clare Crespo
Cody Husdson
Connie Wong
Diem Chau
Gregory Euclide
Jennifer Muskopf
Jenny Ryan
Jim Houser
Megan Whitmarsh
Nicole Gastonguay
Orly Cogan
Peter Callesen
Saelee Oh
Sara Escamilla
Sarah Neuburger
Souther Salazar
Stephanie Anderson


Anonymous said...

This is so COOL for you! Congratulations!
I've always loved your work!


Diem Chau said...

Thanks Ombra!