Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Congrats Aimee & Thank You!

A friend I met on Flickr, Aimee Ray, just released a new embroidery pattern book!  I just got my copy today and it looks great.  The projects are very cute and simple enough to do with the young-uns.  Retail price is only $14.95, way better than a movie and popcorn in my opinion :P  Go check it out.  You can also find it on Amazon.

I'm so going to make this one.

Thank you for the mention Aimee, I'm honored!  For you visual people who aren't on Flickr I highly recommend it.  I've met many wonderful friends and artists there, both locally and from far away.  It's more than just a way to share photographs; it's how we keep in touch, exchange ideas and give feedback... but we mostly enjoy making snarky remarks and being juvenile.  It's a good place to find like minded people.


littledear said...

Thanks Diem! ^_^ I agree, Flickr is lots of fun (and addictive.) glad to have met you there! :)

Diem Chau said...

You're so welcome, I just started on my very own market tote bag.