Sunday, September 16, 2012

NYC Day 5 -Good Buys

The People
I met with some friends for brunch on my last day.  One of the best things about collecting Blythe dolls is getting to meet other collectors when you travel!  Thank you Siri, Katie, Hsin, Micheal and George for arranging the meet!  We'd like to give a big thanks to Clayton & Jeff as well for taking us out to dinner and showing us around town.  It's a pity to forgot to take pictures with you guys!!!

We mostly hung out with friends and did some shopping on our last day.  We hit Saks, Kinokuniya, Uniqlo and a Japanese sweets shop, as well as revisited some favorite eats and rode the subway for one last time.  It was hard to leave this amazing city, hopefully we've taken home a bit of NY in our outlook.

 Rummage Sale
Block party/rummage sale.
It was fun seeing what NY junk was all about.  I feel pretty good about the Fremont Sunday Market now.  We do well in comparison. ;) If anyone out there is visiting Seattle I would recommend going to this weekly market along with Pike Place Market.  I should really do a "must see" post for Seattle visitors.

 Inside Minamoto Kitchoan NYC
Minamoto Kitchoan
I found this AMAZING wagashi shop in Midtown just as we were leaving town.  This is a must go if you like Japanese sweets.  Being in here made me want to go back to Japan so badly!  Everything is so lovely and delicious!  We bought a few things to take back with us.  They will also ship via their online store.

Traditional Wagashi
Seasonal and year round treats.
These are packed so well I didn't want to eat them!

 My Little Lovely
We had to get this lovely White Peach jelly bundle.  It's an entire peach that's been poached and set in jelly.  It was fantastic and so refreshing, I kept the packaging of course.

CUTE scarf/hanky in Kinokunyia NYC
Kinokuniya doesn't allow photography... I found out as I took this shot!  These were really cute hankies and I should have bought one, but alas I didn't.  I don't have the company's info either, it was in a gift shop on the 2nd floor.
I'm very lucky we have 2 Kinokuniya in town, one in Seattle and the other in Bellevue.  They're like the Barnes and Noble of Japan.  They have a great art and crafts section as well as a large selection of manga.

Good Bye NYC!
NYC was fantastic, I can't wait to come back and I'm sad I have to leave.  It's incredibly motivational to be around so much energy all week long.  I think the NY paste has inspired us to push ourselves a little harder and pack a little more newness into our everyday lives. Thank you NYC, Saks & Crayola, we'll be back!

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Georgianne Holland said...

What a great trip! Lovely time of year for the east coast...