Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Delicacy of Tiny Things Opened Today!

Orca (#102) 2012
Orca (#102) 2012
Carved carpenter’s pencil
3 7/8"H x 5/8"W x 1/4"D

My show in Milan at Galleria Patricia Armocida just opened today!  Here are a few more pieces that will be in the show.  I wish I could have been there for the opening, but from what I hear it was a packed opening!  This is also the first time I will have prints available for sale at the gallery.  100 prints are available, 50 prints of each "The Last Elephant" and "The Raven and The Sun".  This is a very limited run, but hopefully we'll be able to offer more prints of other artworks in the future.

Full Sail (#100) 2012
Full Sail (#100) 2012
Carved carpenter’s pencil
3 9/16"h x 5/8"w x ¼"

Interview with Gaia on Vendetta Uncinetta!
My interview with Gaia Segattini on Vendetta Uncinette!  It's in Italian, but Google does a decent job of translating.  Thank you Gaia :)

Delicacy of Tiny Things Invite
The gallery printed this uber cool invite!  It's a little booklet that's sewn together.  I believe the text might be an amalgam of my handwriting and KAPPAO's handwriting?  I recognize some of the lettering, but not all of it.  Patricia really put a lot of time and effort into this!  Bravo, this is such a cool card!

Inside of the booklet/invite
Delicacy of Tiny Things invite card interior.
My image on the left and KAPPAO's image on the right.  Both have embossed detail!  This is totally going the extra mile.

Embossed Elephant
Embossed elephant on invite.

Octopus (#108) 2012
Octopus (#108) 2012
3 3/8”h x 5/16”w x 5/16”d
Carved Crayola crayon

Another crayon piece in the Milan show.

Octopus (#108) Detail
Detail of Octopus.

My first try at taking a 360 video of my crayons.  Sorry for the shakiness folks, this is quite crude!  I need to make a rotating stand and get a tripod for my camera.  I'd like to do a video for all of my carved work.  The photos are great, but I feel you can miss a lot detail.

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