Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's A ColorFULLife in NYC

It's A ColorFULLife
This is a follow up from my previous post about Fashion's Night Out in NYC.  Crayola is sponsoring this year's event/activities at Saks Fifth Avenue.  They approached me to do a crayon carving demo as well as create some work for display at Fashion's Night Out in Saks.  I wanted to create something fun and colorful that reflected this year's theme, which is COLOR.  I came up with "It's a ColorFULLife", a play on words that combine "colorful" "full" and "life" together.  It's also a nod to the classic flick, "It's A Wonderful Life".  A full and rich life is always filled with color.

Fashion's Night Out @ Saks Fifth Avenue will be on September 6th from 6-9pm.  I'm scheduled to be on the 4th floor, the entire department store will be full of different activities that are interactive and family friendly.  For those of you who can't be there I've set up a UStream channel for a live feed that night.  I'll probably go live around 5-5:30pm that night.  I'll keep it going until 9pm and maybe later ;)

It's A ColorFULLife
I'm having a lot of fun with text bases crayons.  I feel the urge to eat these.

Giant Crayons
Crayola sent me a few GIANT crayons to work with.  They're about 2 pounds and almost 24" long!  These were fun to have around, they made the whole house smell like crayons.  I will have 5 with me in New York, 4 are finished and I'm planning to do my demo on the 5th crayon at Saks this Thursday.  Each crayon has a design that echos textile patterns and textures in honor of Fashion's Night Out.

Red Quilted Crayon
The red quilted crayon. 

Red Quilted Crayon
I was channeling Chanel.

 Yellow Crayon in Flower Power
The yellow happy crayon.
Pure unadulterated JOY... no excuses, I just wanted to make pretty, happy flowers.

Yellow Crayon in Flower Power
If Bob Ross was a crayon I think this would be it.  BTW Bob Ross was very influential in making me want to become an artist.  Watching him paint was like seeing magic happen.  I would catch the Joy of Painting on PBS (Chanel 9 KTCS in Seattle) everyday after school.  One of my 3rd grade art project was a painting of a "happy little tree".  It's a huge daydream, but I would LOVE to have one of his paintings someday.

Blue Crayon in Paisley
Blue paisley crayon.
Although this isn't a paisley design it reminds me a lot of the organic flow and visual randomness in paisley fabrics.

 Blue Crayon in Paisley
I think Paisley is the more humble, folksy sister of Gingham and sometimes much under appreciated. Aqua Blue Crayola in Deco Waves
This one was inspired by Art Deco patterns and designs.

Aqua Blue Crayola in Deco Waves
I love Art Deco art and design, especially the architectural details that came from this period.

Saks Fifth Avenue
Our first day in NYC, we took a little stroll from our hotel to Saks and 30Rock.  Our hotel is just 4 blocks away.  I was debating the cost of staying in town vs. a cheaper place farther away.  Location wins hands down, especially since this is my first time to NY.  Nothing beats being in the middle of everything.  My husband and I are so excited to be here. Tomorrow we hit the museums and Central Park.

Radio City
Radio City Music Hall
I love neon, but it seems like a thing of the past, being replaced by LEDs.  I hope there will always be a place for neon lights in cityscapes.

Zeus overlooking us all at the GE Building in 30Rock. WOW what an AMAZING sight!!! Look at that cast glass. The massive scale is awe inspiring.

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Your crayon creations rock! May you continue to have a good experience in NYC. :)