Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rijswijk Textile Biennale 2011

Rijswijk Textile Biennale 2011!
I'm so excited to be in the Rijswijk Museum's 2011 Textile Biennale!  I'm honored to have my work featured on the poster.  It's a wonderful line-up of artists, if you happen to be in the Netherlands please go see the show!  Embarrassingly I had to Google the name to learn its pronunciation ... it's Ris Vik.  I bet you can get some high scores playing Scrabble in Dutch.

June 7th - September 11, 2011
Museum Rijswijk
Herenstraat 67
2282 BR Rijswijk
The Netherlands

Porcelain plate, organza, cotton fabric & thread

Artists in the Show
Mariëlle van den Bergh (Netherlands)
Dorothée Van Biesen (Belgium)
Diem Chau (USA) - you know where to find me ;)
Orly Cogan (USA)
Andrea Donnelly (USA)
Erin Endicott (USA)
Wen-Ying Huang (Taiwan ROC)
Gaby Kleindienst (Germany)
Valerie van Leersum (Netherlands)
Janice Lessman-Moss (USA)
Sanae Mimori (Japan)
Barbara Polderman (Netherlands)
Astrid Polman (Netherlands)
Jacquelyn Royal (USA)
Elisa van Schie (Netherlands)
Johanna Schweizer (Netherlands)
Adrienne Sloane (USA)
Sue Stone (England)
Anna Torma (Canada)
Michel Wieggers (Netherlands)


Diana said...

Love your work, you have put the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Diem Chau said...

Thank you Diana :)