Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DiaCRITICS Interview

Diacritics Interview
I had a wonderful interview with artist and writer Lien Truong on Diacritcs

DiaCritics is an online blog started by DVAN which stands for Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network. DVAN’s aim is to promote artists from the Vietnamese Diaspora whose work in literature, visual art, film and performance art enriches our communities and strengthens ties between Vietnamese across the globe. We undertake to support this body of work through cultural events, exhibits and publications that explore connections between art and society.
DVAN is international in scope. It provides resources and promotes the work of Vietnamese artists in the United States, France, Canada and Australia, as these countries host the largest Vietnamese communities overseas. It also supports artists who have returned to Viet Nam and produce from that location.

It's a wonderful resource for Vietnamese artist or for those who are interested in Vietnamese art.  I never knew they existed until a few months ago!  Go check out them out, just click on the screen capture for the link.

Sorry for the long belated post on this interview! Thank you for introducing my to DVAN Lien. :)

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