Monday, March 21, 2011

For Japan Day 6 Update

Japan Day 6 Update
We're in Day 6 and 260 people have raised $5510.00 for Japan!  It doesn't look like we'll make it to 1000 tickets, but this is still an incredible number.  Thank you everyone for participating and passing the word.  I also want to mention that this offer is open to worldwide contributors.  I can and have shipped these crayons everywhere.  No worries on shipping costs or hassles, I'll take care of all the shipping costs :) 
The details and original post here:

Post Op Recovery
I'm so sorry for having missed the last few days worth of updates on the Japan raffle.  Our dog had a vet visit for oral surgery, he's old with bad teeth.  It was nerve-racking since they had to put him under for the procedure.  He's an old guy and they said he might not make it through.  But luckily he's fine now and recovering. Thank you Carkeek Park Veterinary Hospital and Dr. Rossi! 


*annina* said...

Oh Guy...! Karlo has to stay over night at the vets today as well. Hopefully he will be OK tomorrow and I can take him home and wrap him up in a blanket just like you did with Guy. Get well soon!

cheri said...

Oh sweet puppy. One of ours had anesthesia for teeth stuff and several other things recently. Poor thing was uncomfortable for several days - moaned and whined to let me know. I cried.

Congrats on all your successes. The response to this fundraiser is really amazing. We just did ours - perhaps you'll have a flurry of other procrastinators!