Sunday, November 14, 2010

Eggs From Mum

My mother will still occasionally bring food by the house.  She wants to make sure I'm well fed.  This time we got some fresh eggs from her hen house and a huge bag of winter chard... some Vietnamese ham, Banh-mi sandwiches and some roasted pork.  I think I'm good for the winter thanks mom!

I LOVE fresh eggs.  We used to raise chickens for eggs when I was little and mom has recently taken up the hobby again.  The yolks are an amazing orange color, not like the pale yellow ones from store bought eggs.  The taste is also much richer... you can definitely tell the difference when making things like Hollandaise sauce
They are fun to keep and not too much work.  The only downside is the smell and noise... and having to decided what to do with them when they stop producing or fall ill.  You can grow very attached.  My grandfather ran a farm and my grandmother/mother have done a lot of slaughtering.  If I had the choice I would much rather kill my own food.  All of the "family's" slaughters have been done very respectfully and quickly.  My grandfather would say a "thank you/prayer" to each animal before it was killed.  The focus was to do it as cleanly and quickly as possible and no other animals were ever present.
I'm a meat eater and struggle with the idea.  I know what "meat production" is like in the US and how animals are kept and how they're killed.  We mostly eat chickens and when we buy meat we try to stay to the free range, organic, yada yada...  It's not an issue of "it's wrong to eat animals" with me, but I do have a problem with how they're treated.  We go through phases of not eating meat, but I'm a bacon ADDICT and have HUGE MEAT CRAVINGS!  Imagine a starved out vampire next to a juicy neck. LOL
Well thanks for the eggs mom!  I'm hoping to have enough yard space to have our own chicken coop one day.


Unknown said...

Have you tried the bacon flavored salt for extra bacon flavor? You can find it in Seattle at QFC and other better grocery stores.

Lauren said...

after working on a farm, i learned that nothing beats fresh eggs! enjoy them!

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Mark & Lauren :) Just had a few for breakfast!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I love stuff from Mom :) My mom brings me vegetables from her garden or if they go fishing.. extra fish. :)

Anonymous said...

The freshest eggs that I have ever had are from the Whole Foods, LOL! I do love am omelet from time to time. I like to load them up with fresh spinach, chopped tomatoes and cream cheese. I'm hungry!

2011 said...

are the different egg colors mean that each row is from a single chicken, or have they been dyed? what kind of chickens does your mom have?

Diem Chau said...

Erika - fish sounds good too!

Ombra- Whole Foods have good stuff too :)

whitney- the different eggs are from different breeds to chickens. They come out with natural coloring like that. I'm not sure what breeds she has... I think she has a few Rhode Island Reds which gives her the brown eggs:
I think she also has some Araucana chickens too. They lay the green/blue eggs.