Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse

Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse
I came home from some work travel and found this lovely book in the mail!  Indie Craft features artists, designers and crafters who bring a contemporary eye to traditional techniques.  Many of them are redefining the art of craft and I'm honored to be featured among them.  A big thanks to Jo Waterhouse, Faythe Levine and everyone at Laurence King Publishing!

The cover art is by Jenny Hart, my favorite embroiderer :)

Another book!
A few of my pages.

Congrats TaDa!
Congrats TaDa!!!  If you've not seen Tada's Revolution you're missing out!  It's always good for a Awww, Eeee, Oooo or just a plane old chuckle.

Shauna Richardson
Shauna Richardson
Unbelievably beautiful and the execution is spot on!

Erin Dollar
Erin Dollar
I met Erin last year at Urban Craft Uprising in Seattle.  It was the first time I saw her whimsical beards.  Want your own beard?  Check out her shop on Etsy.


Erin Dollar said...

I just got my copy too!! Congrats, your work looks absolutely awesome in the book!

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Erin :) Good luck at UCU this year.

TADA's Revolution said...

Hi Diem! I got the book too! Happy to be in it with you! Some of my photos printed out too dark :( but I enjoyed the book very much. Some really great stuff in there.

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Tada :) I noticed that too w/ your pics, I had to lighten them in photoshop for some of the details to show.

the GOLD book d'Odette said...

Amazing work!!
I just post about it on my blog.
You're the best!!!

Diem Chau said...

Thanks! Sorry for the delayed response. I forget how horrible moving can be.