Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Tree Workshop

The less quite table
I just finished teaching my Mini Tree Workshop at the ACRS.  There were about 30 or so participants, this was my first time working with younger children (6-7years old).  I'm blown away at how well they did!  I think they did better than their parents. LOL  Must be those tiny fingers. A BIG thanks to the ACRS and Artist Trust for helping to make this happen.

If you'd like to make these trees/landscapes yourself please visit this post.

The quite table
This was the quite table, these guys were so focused!

Festive trees
That's not a forced smile, I swear she was having fun! :P

After the trees were finished we got them together for a class shot.

The little city!
Here are some of the little parks. Everyone loved the fake moss, I should have brought more and more bases too! Good thing to remember for next time.

bird's eye view
A bird's eye view.

Class dog
We even had a class mascot... Buddy. He's SO precious!!! Buddy is a therapy dog and hearing dog in training. I believe he was a pound dog and his owner works at the ACRS. He gets to come to work often. He was very inquisitive, but quiet and very polite. So well trained!

This workshop was in part thanks to Artist Trust. Artist Trust's Meet
the Artist program is an integral component of the annual Artist Trust
Fellowship. Meet the Artist events bridge our artistic community with
the diverse communities in Washington State, increasing awareness about
the vital roles art and artists play in our culture. Find out more at


Suzy in Seoul said...

Love the diversity! Looks like everyone had fun. ^_^

Diem Chau said...

I think there needs to be a dog at every workshop :P

Andy Capelluto said...

please let me know about the classes