Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Double Parlour Collaboration

Close up
I did a collaboration (more of a commission... they did most of the work!) with Ernie and Cassandra Velasco of Double Parlour. They are a husband/wife artist team in SF. Their work is beautiful and quite affordable! I saw their sculptures on Etsy a few months ago and contacted them about a trade/collaboration.

I drew a little sketch and made two trees.  They sculpted two figures, I got one and they kept one.  You can find more of their work on Flickr or Etsy.

Tree from my head
When I was little my mom told me if I swallowed any seeds it would grow in my stomach and pop out my head. I was scared to eat anything with seeds in it! Thanks mom >_< 


seoulsuzy said...

Hee, here most Moms say that a tree would grow out of your stomach.
Love this. *pondering of a possible project to collaborate with you*

Diem Chau said...
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Diem Chau said...

now that you mention it... it might have been my belly button!
Don't they know this is very damaging! LOL
Let me know what you have in mind. That was a fun project.