Saturday, June 28, 2014

SAM's Party in the Park 2014

The Eagle by Calder
I was asked to participate in this year's Party in the Park event at the Olympic Sculpture Park.  Every year the Seattle Art Museum hosts a fundraiser that brings together local chefs, artists and patrons for a night of art, food, music and fun.  Local chefs cook the meal, the artists set the table and everyone gets to party!

Diem Chau's Table
This was my table, I made white paper flowers.  I used 100# cotton paper, bamboo skewers and PVA glue. It was a windy and rainy day! Some of the leaves got wet and started to bend a little, but otherwise everything made it through the night.

Diem Chau's Table
A closer look.
Each guest got to take a flower away with them.  I sat with people from Alaskan Airline. They were a great group and very outgoing, the conversation flowed freely.  Thanks for a great evening guys. :) I'll fly Alaska more often!

The dinner at our table was served by the fine folks from Shanik in Seattle.  Just the right "hotness" and I'm still thinking about the crispy fried okra bits with jelly beans!  I didn't think that combo would work, but it does!

Here are some of my favorites:
Liz Tran's Table
Liz Tran's Table
Drippy colors! I think this was the most over-the-top table there!

Yuki Nakamura's Table
Yuki Nakamura's Table
She covered the table with porcelain hex tiles she made. It was a very colorful and tactile table.

Margie Livingston's Table
Margie Livingston's Table
The stacks are made of layered dried paint. Each guest got to take one with them.

Amy Hamblin's Table
Amy Hamblin's Table
This was a really cool table. It looked like there was squiggly drawings all over and when you looked closer you realize the squiggles are made of cut up bouncy balls! You know the balls they sell in huge cages at Fred Meyer or Target... Yeah those. What a great use of material!

Carolina Silva's Table
Carolina Silva's Table
The placement of this table was perfect. She hung the words "Here Forever" on the back wall of the tent and beyond it was a beautiful scene of the Puget Sound. I literally could have stood there forever.

Jeffery Mitchell's Table
Jeffry Mitchell's Table
I LOVED his table! He made cast plaster standees of abstracted/simplified squirrels and bears. It was so awesome, I wanted to take one home.

Having Fun at the Park
Having Fun
I took a picture of this couple taking a picture. :P

Artists Being Artist
Artists having fun too!  A big thanks to SAM for inviting me to participate.  Even with the not-so-cooperative weather it was a great evening.  I always look forward to this!
 More pics from this event in my Flickr


Unknown said...

Sorry I didn't get to see you at the event. It was lovely even if a bit windy. You did a great job. Many thanks

Barbara Earl Thomas

Mini Dork said...

What an amazing event. I love your flowers. Thanks for sharing all of the other tables too. That's a lot of creativity in one space.