Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet Watson & Brienne!

See We Fit
Oh no I didn't?!
Soooo... these last few months without Guy has been nothing but a suck-fest.  I've been keeping myself as busy as possible so I wouldn't feel so sad about losing my best friend.  My husband and I were not so sure if we wanted another dog when Guy was in his decline.  The last couple of months of his life was hard on all of us, a lot of heartache and sleepless nights... not to mention the enormous amount of stress.  BUT after Guy died we knew we would always be a family with pets, the positive experiences far outweigh any negative ones.  Guy added so much value to our lives it's hard to quantify, without him life is a bit colder and somewhat empty...  Don't get me wrong we have a great marriage and great relationship, but having Guy there made it even better.

Our friend Lisa volunteers at the Seattle Animal Shelter and sent us an adoption link to these 2 darlings, Brienne and Watson (formerly known as Noo Noo & Boo Boo).  We had a very focused discussion on whether or not we should go see them.  We knew once we met they would be coming home with us, the decision to adopt had to be made before we even leave the house.  We were both a little unsure and wavered back and forth about it.  We were driving towards the shelter and asked ourselves if this is it... if we were "ready".  I said, "F*ck it, let's go!"  We're both a little freaked out and very excited and happy to have them home with us! 

Meet WATSON, aka Cheddar and formerly known as Boo Boo.  He's a vivacious Pug who loves to roam the yard, eat and fart.  He's also capable of very large poos for his size...  just sayin'.  Watson and his BFF is Brienne (formerly known as Noo Noo) were surrendered at the Seattle Animal Shelter together.  Watson may be deaf and the shelter people said he might be a little bit blind as well.  So far we've noticed that he doesn't really respond to calls, but his sight seems OK.  He does have kennel cough and some stinky ears, but we're taking care of that.  Despite the coughing and being a little under the weather he's still energetic and very affectionate!  He's been giving kisses since day one.  Brienne is  a little more reserved.

Meet Brienne (Brie for short)
Meet Brienne or Brie for short, a Beagle/Pit mix weighing in at 60 pounds.  She was named Noo Noo by her previous owner, but it sounds too much like "no no", something I have to say a lot.  I didn't want to confuse her and it's also a part of their old lives, I think they need a completely new start.  We named her after Brienne of Tarth on the account of her size and manly-man figure, but beneath that muscle clad body is a proper lady.  Brie is a sweetheart, she's still very shy but she's opening up slowly.

Looking out from Studio
The Backstory:
They were surrendered together at the Seattle Animal Shelter on Dec 22nd, 2013.  They grew up together in the same household and are quite the bonded pair.  It seems like Brie is more protective of and attached to Watson.  Watson is a bit more nonchalant about wandering off, but they always look for each other when one wanders out of sight.  Brie has to go anywhere Watson goes.  I guess Watson, the Pug, was quickly adopted out after they were both admitted.  Brie was spayed at the shelter and I'm sure it has devastating when she came out of surgery and Watson wasn't there.  She is always by his side.  Lucky for everyone Watson was returned to the shelter... he can't manage stairs anymore and that was the reason for his return.  I'm sure it was a happy reunion... after all they just lost their family as least they have each other.  We're thrilled we have the capacity to take in both dogs.  Now a new adventure can begin for all of us.


tirane93 said...

congratulations to all four of you! it's just grand that you've adopted both of them together. i'm sure all of your lives will be happier for it.

mps2343 said...

I'm wiping tears - of thankfulness - for people like you. These look like wonderful additions to any family; they'll surely help with the sadness of losing a loved pet. Best of luck and good wishes to all of you for a long, healthy and happy life.
I love all kinds of dogs and cats - have one pure bred dog now and a rescue kitty. We're traveling around North America in our RV and loving every minute of it. The only issue we have is that we'd love to invite more four-legged friends to live with us, but space is an issue!

Diem Chau said...

Thank you tirane93 :)
Thank you Mary-Pat, it's been a crazy couple of days getting settled in, but these guys are wonderful! It's amazing how attached we can get to our pets. Enjoy your travels and your furry friends!

Anonymous said...

What a cute story. I'm a foster parent for SAS & happy endings (re: beginnings) like this are such a reward.

sometimes the greatest way we can honor our pets is to save another life. or 2 :)

~ Amber

Marian said...

I am a volunteer at SAS and we are all over-the-moon happy that these two get to stay together! Thank you so much for giving them a second chance

Susanne Klabunde said...

In Germany there is a saying, established by one of our most-loved humorists, who always had pugs most of his life: "A life without pug is possible, but meaningless." Maybe you will get along with him :)

Adrian said...

I love them!! Watson is so much like our old dog Shambles, who seemed to be a little dog only because he had tiny legs. He barked and pooped like the big guys! He was also deaf and his eyesight was poor. Without even knowing he was deaf at first, we did hand signals with all commands and he learned all kinds of tricks like a pro. I hope Watson can see well enough to learn hand signals. It makes everything (except a recall) so easy.

Bridget @giverevolution said...

Love is a beautiful thing, it doesn't matter what form it comes in. Destiny led you to Watson & Brie, or maybe Guys spirit did. Either way you are blessed to have them both and they are so blessed to have you both.

Bridget @giverevolution

Diem Chau said...

Thank you everyone! The pups are doing well, we're almost at our one month anniversary! Times goes by so quickly. Watson recently had a tumor removed from his leg... I should really do another update soon.