Thursday, November 14, 2013

Art In America & Raffle Update

I'm in the November issue of Art in America!  I'm so stoked, WOO HOO!

Matthew Kangas did a review of the "A-Z: Northwest Natives" show I had at G.Gibson Gallery.  This is the first time my work has been reviewed in a major art publication.  I can't tell you how excited I am about this!  A BIG THANKS to Matthew & Art in America.  Big thanks as well to Gail, Dori, KC & Claudia at G.Gibson Gallery, you guys are a great crew.

Some of the work from this review can still be seen at G.Gibson Gallery.  Please stop by if you're in Seattle

AND... Last but not least, a quick update on the raffle for the Philippines.  We've raised $4780.00 so far with 4 days to go.  Please feel free to forward/share and pass on the word!  Thank you everyone for your support, keep up the good work!  You can follow the raffle progress HERE.

My friend Byron Yong is also doing a very creative fundraiser for Typhoon victims with song dedications.  Please go check it out:

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