Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New Works & Crayon Commissions

I have some new works available on my website.  Please go check it out.

I've also received a lot of emails inquiring about the carved crayons.  I do take commissions on crayon carvings, they start at $300USD for single colored crayons and up to $600USD for multicolored crayons with highly complex designs.  The turn around is about one week for 1-3 single colored crayons, this is not including shipping time.  It may take longer depending on what is requested.  I usually work from the Crayola 64 pack and the bright "fruity" colors work best.  I like to have a good face pic and an overall body shot of my subjects for proportion and clothing reference.  I love special or unusual requests, I see them as a good challenge.  Feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries.


Lori said...

I love your work, it's amazingly powerful- in it's delicacy.
I look forward to seeing it in person one day.

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Lori :)