Saturday, June 4, 2011

GESCHA's Crayon Politics

The crayons
I'm so excited about how this project turned out!  I was approached by Matt Senga on behalf of Gescha to create the cover art for his new album "Crayon Politics".  This is Gescha's first solo album and I'm so honored they chose my work.
For more info about Gescha go here:

Spell it out
We wanted to make something simple that would be eye-catching as well.  We went with his name spelled out sitting on chess pieces.  I'm a big fan of the rainbow!
G - sits on the king
E - sits on the pawn
S - sits on the rook
C - sits on the bishop
H - sits on the queen
A - sits on the knight

Crayon Politics/GESCHA CD album cover
CD album cover

Crayon Politics/GESCHA vinyl album cover
Vinyl album cover

Crayon Politics/GESCHA Insert/interior
Back/insert & interior
The black & white image is artist, Christian Faur's work.  He stacks crayons to make an image, each crayon acts like a pixel.

All mixed up!
I just wanted to give a great big THANKS to Matt and Geordie!  I hope you guys are as thrilled as I am about this.  Good luck with the new release!  We'll have to grab some beers if I'm ever in Saskatoon Saskatchewan ;)

Check out his lead single "Love Pirate"!


Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

my oh my you have a steady hand! These are very pretty and incredibly precise!

Matt Senga said...

Thanks Diem!! Your talent is incredible and you far exceeded all of our expectations. We think the album looks amazing and certainly is unique and stands out from much of the "cover art" that exists today.

Diem was a pleasure to work with and created these masterpieces on a very tight schedule. She was amazing in every sense.

We are forever indebted, hopefully we can collaborate again on a future project.

And if you ever make it to Saskatoon beers are definitely on us!

- Matt senga

Diem Chau said...

Thank you Mimi :)

Thanks Matt! This was really fun we definitely have to do this again sometime. You guys were great to work with, nothing better than brainstorming through emails. Free beer eh? Oh I'm so there! LOL