Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raised Bed Gardening First Year

This is a little catch-up from last year's gardening adventures...  I'm getting better about posting more often.
The beds in July
This was my raised bed garden in July 2009.   I built the beds in April, this was only 3 months of amazing growth!   Looking back there were a few factors that lead to this lush sight.   It was virgin soil with plenty of nutrients and I added bone meal and veggie fertilizer in the mix.  It was also a really hot and sunny summer. We hit 3-digit days in Seattle, that's unheard of!!!

I was a total NOOB to growing vegetables.  My strategy was to cram plants in where ever there was space, resulting in some plants crowding and overshadowing others.  I planted zucchinis in the middle of one bed and it pretty much took over the whole space.  I learned my lesson this year and planted it in an outer corner.  When it grows it can spill out of the box leaving plenty of room for other plants.  I'm also growing more leafy greens instead of root veggies.  I eat a lot more greens and they don't take as long to mature.  My carrots and beets didn't do too well.  Maybe I need more sun?

A few shots of what I pulled from the garden last year.
I haz harvest!

Latest Harvest

Guy Approves


Japanese Eggplants

What came from the garden

Tonight's dinner
It was also really nice getting to sit in the garden and eat.


doro said...

Wow! So organic! Very tasty ;D


gmr14 said...

so nice garden, post & blogger 2.. enjoy.. chau

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Doro and GMR14 :)