Sunday, May 9, 2010

Brother Sister for Cathy

Brother Sister
Recent commission for Cathy.  These are her 2 children.

Happy Mother's Day or all the mothers out there, the toughest and most aggravating job in the world.  Mom, Grandma and I have decided to celebrate tomorrow (Monday) to avoid the crowded restaurants.  Love you mom ^_^
I just called mom and grandma to postpone our Mother's Day lunch to next Monday because of my huge workload this week.  Mom said OK, see you next week.  Grandma said, "Oh good!  I get to spread out my free lunches!"  I guess EVERYONE has been inviting grandma out to lunch for Mother's Day... she's had to postpone 2 different uncles! LOL  Next time I guess I need to schedule a date with her secretary. 

For Cathy: sister

For Cathy: brother


doro said...

Fantastic!!! greetings

Diem Chau said...

Thank you :)