Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sojourn in Chicago

 I'm very excited to have a solo show at the Packer Gallery in Chicago!  If you're in town please stop by.  For those farther away you can see all of the work HERE

February 19th - March 27th
Packer Schopf Gallery
942 W. Lake
Chicago, IL 60607

I will have 40 embroideries as well as the Zodiac crayons in the show.

All the Zodiacs


ArtSparker said...

This is extraordinary - I was just looking at this on flickr. Would it be okay to post this with a link to your blog on my blog TinyTheatre? I wiould definitely put in a few words about the Chicago show.

Here's the address if you would like to look:

Diem Chau said...

Definitely :) Thanks for the shout-out!

katillac deVille said...

This has been featured on Epic Win FTW. Fantastic detail!

Diem Chau said...

Thanks for the link :)
Love the comments... my mom did say my crayons looked like dildos once. Seriously, thanks mom!

Kathy said...

love, love, love the crayons!!!

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Kathy :)

Anonymous said...

I've been following your work on flickr since ..oh..tow years ago..

the crayons are by far the most unique thing I have ever seen.

Diem Chau said...

Thank you :) I love Flickr... it's where I go when I'm not in RL. LOL