Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show at Pulliam Gallery

Beneath The Trees
I have some new work showing at Pulliam Gallery (formerly Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery) in Portland, OR. The opening was last night and sadly I couldn't make it there. The show runs through the month of June. Please stop by if you're in town.

Pulliam Gallery
929 NW Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 - 5:30

In other news, mom was in a car accident over the weekend. The car is undrivable, I hope she'll be OK...


Anonymous said...

Your new work looks very exciting. I am sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she recovers quickly.

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Lucy,
She's not seriously injured... just a lot of pain in her neck and back. I'm sure there's PT to come!

jennifer said...

sending good thoughts to your mom!
Hope you are well! Jennifer MC

Diem Chau said...

Thanks Jennifer. She's doing better, but still some pains in her back.
I used some of your great aunt's dishes the other day...