Friday, May 8, 2009

Behind the Scenes

Here are some fun shots of production of the US Cellular commercial in Santa Monica. Wish I had more time to spend in the city, I'll have to comeback.

Cleaning up the molds
I'm cleaning the seam-lines of the molded crayons and getting them ready for their closeup/melting doom!
photo by Kevin Berve

Setting The Stage
Kevin Berve and his assistants putting all of the crayons in place. They were set with glue from glue sticks. I was surprise they held up, not a permanent application, but it did very well.

These were the drones. Made from silicone molds taken from the originals I did. There were hundreds! I kept a few and a few went to the crew, the rest were destroyed (no Ebay for these guys). :P Here are some of the other crayons:

The entire platform with hundreds of crayons was lifted and carried into place. Some careful & precarious maneuvering involved.

Here it is!
My originals were in front and the background crayons were the copies.

How it looked
I love seeing this set up... so complex. My first time on set, I definitely have a greater appreciation for stage/film production. These folks work very hard. The day started for most at 7am, some earlier and doesn't end until 6 or 7pm... sometimes later depending on what had to get done. So basically you go until the job is done. I do that when I have a crunch time as well, but I can't imagine having this schedule as a daily job. On the other hand the food was AMAZING!!! We were very well fed. :)

Another view of the set-up.

Melted Close-ups
The aftermath. Photo by Kevin Berve

Before and Aftermath


gina garan said...

wow diem!! sooo beautiful and soooooo impressive!! CONGRATS!


Diem Chau said...

Thank you so much Gina! Congrats on everything you've done as well.

design for mankind said...

ahhhh i'm so thriled, diem! congrats! it looks fantastic and the commercial turned out great!

Paige Taylor Evans said...

That was a way cool commercial. Thanks for the behind the scene tour. I especially love the "aftermath" shots.

nino yuniardi said...

Very Nice Diem! Congrats!

sharonA said...

Diem, these are really great -- and *wow* the aftermath is really interesting! Congratulations :)