Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glasses for $13.00!!!


Some of you may know how expensive glasses are, especially if you don't have insurance. Last year I was lured into an America's Best by their "$99 for a pair of glasses" advertisment. I spent an hour being ignored by the only employee in the store and by the time I got to picking out my frames I learned that the lenses weren't included! Scratch coating was another $75 extra... Oh and if I wanted anti-glare that another $90. The total was about $400! I was very angry and felt lied to...

Well ya'all, there is a better solution. My husband found this guy's blog and we decided to try it. We both bought a few pairs of glasses from ZenniOptical. It does take some figuring out, you have to know your prescription and needed measurements.

My New glasses $14!!!

These are my glasses: prescription, scratch coated... blah blah... the works for $8 and $5 shipping!!! OMG that's with everything, frame & lenses! I kept asking my husband... so what was the price again?!

I expected crappy quality, but they turned out wonderful! The only drawback is that you can't try them on, so you have to know what looks good on you... or at least have a sense of what you like. I love these guys and highly recommend them. Even if you have a pair already it's always nice to have a backup and for $13.00 what can it hurt?

I've had these for almost a year now and they've held up very well. Here are my favorites:
$8.00 plastic frame
$12.95 hingeless wire frame
They also do prescription shades, transitions... goggles... bifocals...

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